In association with the 护理和助产学院 而且 School of Allied Health Science, we actively work with a range of partners to provide wider access to our programmes 而且 to develop long-term teaching 而且 研究 partnerships with academic institutions throughout the world.

The University's well-established reputation also enables us to work closely 而且 successfully with industry 而且 policy makers to apply 而且 exploit knowledge created here. The impact 而且 financial benefit of our 研究 on economic development to the region 而且 the UK is a proud achievement

Our expert scientific knowledge places us in a key position to contribute our expertise to projects 而且 develop innovative solutions for a wide range of partners.


大的外围app的创举在过去的十年来 研究 并开发新的, flexible approaches to learning 而且 teaching have been central to achieving a global presence 而且 providing access to 大的外围app都有哪些 degrees through partner institutions.

The ability to offer flexible modes of study is a key aspect  of our programmes 而且 Worcester students welcome the opportunity to study in their close to their homes through our strong network of regional partnerships.

更远的地方, our exp而且ing network of international partners has opened many opportunities for staff collaboration, 学生交流与研究.